Glenn Baker - Licensed Salesperson

Equal-parts real estate guru and savvy business head, industry veteran Glenn Baker leads the successful team at Baker & Co. Backed by a career of 35 years in which there’s nothing he hasn’t seen, sold or problem-solved. Joining the profession with a background in civil engineering, Glenn’s tenacity and a penchant for bright new ideas saw him take the step from salesperson to franchise owner, and in 1990 he became the first person in Auckland to successfully head a franchised real estate office.

Armed with a depth of knowledge which has weathered five property cycles and enormous changes to the DNA of Auckland’s central city suburbs, Glenn’s unsurpassed local knowledge has given his team the cutting edge in an extremely competitive local industry, and his own willingness to go the extra mile for optimal results is at the core of this very successful sales team’s tight work ethic.




Jack Davies – Licensed Salesperson

Helping clients sell or buy homes as part of their journey towards their dreams, is something that Jack is immensely proud to be a part of. Working in a team, with respected agent Glenn Baker, the pair form Baker&Co.

In everything he does Jack exercises a high level of self-motivation, time management and productivity backed by a strong focus on satisfying each of his clients’ individual needs. Equipped with the latest digital marketing methods and a drive to maximise media reach, Baker&Co ensures that their clients' properties receive the highest level of exposure to potential purchasers. Jack bolsters this with an ingrained belief that good planning, timely and open communication with absolute commitment to the task will always lead to the best results.



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